Circle of Willis Benchmarking 2023

joint-event for MICCAI 2023 Challenges CROWN & TopCoW


Welcome to the Circle of Willis (CoW) Benchmark joint-event for MICCAI 2023!

We are two CoW benchmarking challenges with MICCAI 2023:

  • CROWN: CiRcle Of Willis INtracranial Artery Classification and Quantification
  • TopCoW: Topology-Aware Anatomical Segmentation of the Circle of Willis for CTA and MRA

Together both challenges will organize a joint event called “Circle of Willis Quantification Benchmarking Workshop” at the MICCAI Conference. In this half-day joint-event, we will have a combined introduction and overview on the topic of CoW and both challenges, followed by two 1.5 hours sessions to summarize and announce the results for each challenge. We will host a combined round-table discussion with all participants. Finally, TopCoW and CROWN will share a subset of the data, namely 20 MRA scans for training and 10 for test. These datasets will be jointly annotated and evaluated by both challenges.

Our joint-event will take place in October in Vancouver Canada. Stay tuned for more information! For now, please register for our CoW challenges from their homepages at the links CROWN and TopCoW :sparkles:


Apr 14, 2023 CROWN registration opens
Apr 12, 2023 CoW Benchmark joint-event’s website launched! :writing_hand:
Mar 3, 2023 Challenge submissions were accepted for MICCAI 2023! :congratulations:
Dec 8, 2022 Challenge proposals submitted to MICCAI 2023 for review